Tips For Growing Your Business Across Borders

Published: 11/21/2018

Bob McInnis, Global Account Director at The Duffy Agency, delivers the keynote at the “Globalizing Your Brand” conference hosted by Hofstra University‘s Zarb School of Business and the U.S. Commercial Service in Long Island.

Bob’s talk focuses on strategic approaches to foreign markets illustrated by lots of examples including many from brands Duffy Agency has worked with.

James Madore, Newsday’s Senior Business Writer/Economy, covered the presentation

As Bob explains, “We see very few companies fail because they weren’t good at tactics. We do, however, see many fail for much more fundamental strategy issues having to do with cross border marketing. That’s what this session speaks to.”

“While tactics online are changing on a monthly basis, the principles we’ll talk about today don’t. And if you can master the principles, you can develop your own novel tactics for your brand” Bob continues.

“You can outsource tactics, you can’t outsource your strategic vision and guidance. In our experience, these are the things that have a much larger effect in determining the success or failure of your brand when traveling abroad.”

Duffy Agency is a strategic marketing agency for international brands based in Boston.

Over the next few months, Getting to Global will be holding more events around the country and profiling tools you can use to sell more online overseas.

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