Google Market Finder is a Game-Changing Tool for Exporters!

Published: 08/14/2018

Google has launched the Google Market Finder tool. This is a free service for businesses that want to start exporting. It provides detailed insights into which international markets are best suited to your product or service, plus useful guides on how to prepare your business—and successfully market it online.  It has key resources you need to start selling in the global marketplace, whatever the size of your business.

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Market Finder simplifies the export journey into 3 simple steps: finding target markets, setting up your operations, and marketing your business successfully abroad.

Step 1: Market Finder recommends the best markets for your business
Create your global business plan using detailed market insights. How do your potential customers use the internet? What’s their disposable income? Market Finder recommends the best market for your business, and gives you all the insights you need to research your next global market.

Step 2: Prepare to go global
Once you’ve decided on your next market, use our tools, guides, and resources to plan the next steps of the journey to your new global market. We’ll help you navigate areas like localization, international payments, and logistics.

Step 3: Reach global customers looking for what you sell
Every successful global business needs a watertight marketing plan. What is the best language to advertise in? Which devices are your customers using and what’s the best way to reach them? We’ll help you make your marketing decisions with data and customer insights, and suggest the best tools to put it all into action.

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