Getting to Global and FITT announce partnership to add online international business training and expertise to

Published: 10/02/2019

Getting to Global and the Forum for International Trade Training (FITT) partner to empower businesses to export with confidence through exclusive online training offerings from the acclaimed FITTskills program and CITP®|FIBP® certified industry experts.


Ottawa, ON—October 2, 2019—Getting to Global, an initiative that connects exporters to global business resources, and FITT, the standards, certification and training body for international trade practitioners, have partnered to bring the acclaimed FITTskills training to the newly launched Export Connect platform. The new space will not only be a catalyst for entrepreneur access to global resources, but also to valuable tools, expert advice, and new business opportunities needed to expand overseas.

Patrick L. Perreault, Co-Founder of Getting to Global, said, “Export Connect is the variable that was missing from the equation. We went from being an educational platform on global strategy to a real toolbox for SMEs to connect them to the experts and resources they need to go global. Export Connect is literally connecting the dots between government resources, service providers, industry experts and SMEs to facilitate their expansion into new global markets. We’re excited to count FITT as a partner as they bring world-class training content to Export Connect and give exporters access to their network of certified international trade professionals.”

“If businesses don’t have the know-how to go global, they’ll give their profits to someone else” says Caroline Tompkins, President and CEO of FITT. “Regardless of how good the product is, without export capable people, success will be harder, riskier and more expensive than it needs to be. We’re excited to be expanding our support of entrepreneurs alongside key players within Export Connect.”

Getting to Global brings together industry experts, business leaders, and government officials to help SMEs go global for faster growth. Export Connect is the latest addition to Getting to Global’s set of tools, a game changer for small and medium enterprises, trade and investment promotion organizations, and trade experts alike. And with FITT as a partner, SMEs will have direct access to the most important network of certified international trade professionals.

About FITT
The Forum for International Trade Training (FITT) is the standards, certification and training body dedicated to providing international business training, resources and professional certification to individuals and businesses. Created by business for business, FITT’s international business training solutions are the standard of excellence for global trade professionals around the world.

About Getting to Global
Getting to Global brings together industry experts, business leaders, and government officials to help small and medium enterprises go global for faster growth. We rely on a strong network of partners to aggregate the resources and data SMEs need to enter the global online arena in an unprecedented and simplified way. And we are more than just a website. In addition to creating a profile on Export Connect, entrepreneurs and business owners of all kinds use our Duties and Taxes Calculator to avoid bad surprises when shipping internationally. Or they find our Market Accelerator and discover what markets await them to expand and start growing.

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