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The State International Development Organizations, Inc. (SIDO) is the premiere U.S. organization dedicated to supporting state international trade agencies and focuses exclusively on state international trade development. Through a close partnership with The Council of State Governments (CSG), SIDO members contribute specialized expertise, information and resources to support the overall goal of promoting state international trade programs.

SIDO, is the only national organization focused on supporting governors’ international trade agendas by serving and representing the 50 state trade agencies to the federal government. SIDO helps state international trade programs better serve American exporters and international company investors by sharing innovative ideas and resources, developing the skills of state trade professionals, advocating the interests of states in international trade promotion and facilitating multistate collaboration.

International trade and foreign direct investment are integral components of state economic development strategies and major contributors to the U.S. economy overall.  U.S. exports account for nearly 13 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product and support millions of direct and in-direct jobs. Moreover, firms that export pay 15-20 percent higher wages on average than their non-exporting competitors.

State trade agencies are on the front line of steering companies through the export process and working to attract foreign direct investment into their respective states. Their efforts help create and support millions of good paying jobs in the United States, and prepare their companies to better compete in the global economy.

SIDO is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, affiliated with The Council of State Governments, or CSG, and comprises international economic development practitioners and professionals from state and related organizations across the country.  SIDO is located at the Hall of States in Washington, DC.

Guiding Principles

  • International trade and foreign direct investment are major contributors to the United States’ economy and help support millions of good-paying jobs.
  • A strong international trade economy benefits national security.
  • State international trade programs are best positioned to help direct their local businesses to export and investment opportunities.
  • Federal trade agencies and private sector partners are key partners in our shared mission.
  • A strong partnership between state, federal and the private sector is essential to ensure the businesses receive the highest quality service and products.


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