World Trade Center Los Angeles

Making Los Angeles the Nation’s Leading Center for International Trade and Foreign Investment

The World Trade Center Los Angeles (WTCLA) provides business assistance to international companies seeking to locate or expand operations in Los Angeles, and to local companies seeking to expand their products and services to the international market. These services include foreign direct investment attraction and export facilitation.
As the leading international trade service and promotion organization in the Los Angeles region, WTCLA supports the development of international trade through our business assistance, educational, and matchmaking programs.

Foreign Direct Investment Attraction Program

Los Angeles County is one of the largest and most important economies in the world. There are over 4,500 foreign-owned establishments that have successfully invested billions of dollars in Los Angeles County. The economic success of Los Angeles is intricately tied to foreign trade and investments.

To ensure that foreign companies are successful, WTCLA provides essential matchmaking and consulting services to connect the right business partners and service providers to international companies looking to create or grow their businesses in the Los Angeles region.

The FDI attraction Service Program is divided into three main pillars of service:
  • Attraction: WTCLA is the leading FDI service provider to attract key international companies to locate or expand operation in the Los Angeles region. WTCLA focuses on attracting key international companies to augment the diverse economic profile of Los Angeles through its marketing and outreach activities.


  • Education: WTCLA is the international trade information clearinghouse for the Los Angeles region. WTCLA assists international companies in learning how to successfully locate and operate in Los Angeles through one-on-one consultations and continued engagement. WTCLA also supports local companies in learning how to export goods and services to the global market.


  • Connection: WTCLA is the premier facilitator of key connections between business leaders, service providers, and government partners for international and local companies. WTCLA focuses on connecting international companies with local partners to help address legal, accounting, real estate, financial, immigration, consulting and also assists in augmenting business transactions. 

Delegation Hosting

WTCLA hosts delegations from all over the world and tailors content to the specific country and industries of interest for investment. We screen our delegations to ensure that we provide the level of service that matches the delegation’s investment history, in addition to investment timeline.
We offer presentations that highlight the advantage of doing business in Los Angeles and provide matchmaking opportunities on an ad hoc basis. The organization is focused on increasing the probability of future business transactions that lead to job creation, and as such, prefers hosting business delegations over groups comprised mostly of government officials.

Ancillary Activities Foreign Direct Investment Report

The World Trade Center Los Angeles publishes an annual Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) report that in previous years has examined the impact of foreign-owned enterprises (FOEs) in the six counties that make up Southern California (Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino, and Riverside). This thought leadership piece has uncovered the value added to the economy from international investors. The annual report strives to illuminate not just the presence but also the substantial impact foreign companies have in the communities within LA County.

Select LA Investment Summit

The World Trade Center Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation jointly host the annual Select LA Investment Summit, presenting an array of opportunities to match international investors with local partners, such as table exhibits, one-on-one interactions, plenary panels and breakout sessions led by local and international executives.

Through matchmaking technology and over four hours of networking, Select LA offers an environment to create and foster new relationships with individuals who are responsible for turning a conversation into an investment opportunity. Just as important as making a key connection is understanding the local processes and protocol to ensure successful transactions, which is why the summit gathers state and local government officials in addition to private businesses.