Merit Trade Consulting Services, LLC

The preferred compliance solution for import, export and domestic service providers

Merit Trade Consulting Services delivers tailored solutions and manages outsource services for your international business. We are part of the NCBFAA and Chicago Customs Brokers and Forwarders Association networks.

What We Do

Duty Drawback
Hundreds of millions of dollars are left on the table annually by importers who do not take advantage of duty drawback opportunities. We take care of duty drawback preparation and filing of duty drawback entries and applications with Customs and Border Protection. We take the information from the import Customs entries, match them to exports, file the necessary paperwork with Customs and work as quickly as possible to protect your right to recover as much money as you are entitled to by law.

Customs Brokers
We can provide internal audit and third-party services to customs brokers and their clients. We can either private brand our services in the name of our broker client or provide service under the Merit Trade Consulting Services name and brand.

We work to develop Export Compliance plans and manuals that give exporters the confidence to offer their goods for sale around the world and grow their businesses through new and exciting channels. We have experience in applying for government contracts and can aid in both the application process and developing proper compliance and record keeping when contracts are won.

We also provide advice and counsel on the International Trade in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

We can safely navigate importers through the regulatory maze, providing consultative services for binding rulings, protests, prior disclosures and mock audits. We work to ensure maximum compliance to speed goods quickly and correctly through the entry process.

Merit Trade Consulting Services also understands the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) and can successfully take an importer through the application and approval process.

Warehouses & Truckers
We work with importers, Customs brokers and warehouse operators to submit applications to be a Customs bonded warehouse or container freight station (CFS). Along with application services, we develop management plans and documentation and perform mock audits so that when Customs comes for the real audits, everything is in order.

Freight Forwarders
Merit Trade Consulting Services assists both domestic and international freight forwarders in completing and filing applications, creating and maintaining compliance and process manuals and performing recordkeeping audits and checks for regulatory compliance. If your company is thinking about becoming a freight forwarder or knows that you have a point of exposure due to lack of a documented process, we can help.