ITG International Transports Inc.

ITG Provides Logistics Across the Globe With Customized Services for Whatever You Need!

Since its formation in Munich Germany in 1981, the ITG group of companies has constantly adapted to the critical business needs of its customers and the requirements of the market, evolving from a “freight forwarding company” into a Full Service Logistics Service Provider.

The ITG group of companies with offices and facilities throughout Europe and the USA provides a full suite of global transportation solutions and comprehensive warehousing and fulfillment services. This full suite of capabilities allows us to offer single-stop customized services tailored specifically for our customer’s needs and budget, which is why at ITG Global Logistics we say: “Whatever You Need,” We Can Help! 

Why Choose ITG?

ITG Boston USA is a full-service licensed and bonded international import/export resource providing customized shipping, warehousing, logistics and fulfillment services. An industry recognized leader in handling apparel, cosmetics, luxury goods, medical equipment, electronics and more!

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