HZ CPAs & Advisors, P.C.

Who We Are

We are a unique CPA firm with the mission to serve entrepreneurs for total success in their family, business, and social contribution.
We focus on creating fundamental, comprehensive, lasting solutions with our strategic, systematic, and proactive approach to tax and financial planning and accounting services for entrepreneurial businesses and organizations. 

Our Services

AI Accounting in the Cloud
We use the most cutting-edge AI assisted accounting applications in the cloud that can automate up to 90% of the accounting, payroll and tax work.

Proactive Auditing
Traditional year end audit is disruptive, costly, and creates little value. Proactive auditing supports you to build up your organization capacity and monitor your financial reporting on a monthly basis, reducing the year end stress of sampling.

Proactive Tax and Financial Planning
Proactive is the key comes to financial and tax planning. By empowering you and us with cloud based, real time financial together, we can collaborate easily plan proactively

Strategic Growth
Good accountant are strategic business thinkers that help you plan and create your financial story - your strategic business growth story which include business model, stock ownership, compensation plan, IPO etc. We work as your CFO and your quarterback to work with all your internal and external team to fulfill your goals.

We empower entrepreneurs to succeed in family, business, and legacy with clarity, confidence, and capability through strategic, systematic, and proactive planning and implementation.