Gallagher Transport International

Your Goods Are in Good Hands With Gallagher Transport!

Are you a first-time importer?
Are you trying to make sense of the constantly changing tariff situation?
Are you seeking a reliable, highly communicative customs broker you can trust?

At Gallagher Transport the client always comes first.
Our success is measured by your success. Our goal is to make your job easier by staying on top of communication and deadlines to save you time and money by ensuring your valuable shipments are delivered in the most efficient and cost effective way. 
We clear shipments at all U.S. ports.  
We take the time to educate you on what you need to know regarding the regulations for your specific product, communicate with you before an issue happens to help avoid unexpected delays or possible fines, and stay on top of your shipments every step of the way. 
With over 25 years as an import broker, freight forwarder and logistics supplier, we have extensive experience working with importers and dealing with all commodities. We strive to make this critical piece of your supply chain go as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. 
We have experience in many industries and product lines including: 
  • FDA regulated items such as perishables, wine, alcohol and medical equipment 
  • EPA/DOT regulated 
  • Specialty equipment 
  • Apparel 
We stay up to date on the ever-changing customs regulations as well as policies pertinent to imports from the FDA, USDA, Fish & Wildlife and the EPA. We can coordinate the transportation of your freight whether by land, sea or air. 

Our Services 

  • Importing & Exporting Consultation 
  • ISF- Import Security Filing for all import shipments arriving by ocean into the United States. This formality is required prior to export from the last foreign port to avoid penalty. 
  • Cargo Insurance - Cargo insurance, sometimes referred to as freight insurance provides a cost effective way of covering your freight for physical loss or damage to goods in transit.   
  • Customs Bonds - A Customs bond is required when importing merchandise for commercial purposes that are valued over $2,500 or a commodity subject to other federal agencies requirements (i.e. ATF or FDA). 
  • Customs Clearance - We enable companies to bring goods into the U.S. from another country. A simple way to think about customs clearance is an electronic notification given by customs to an importer to show that customs has released their shipment and it can be shipped to its final U.S. destination. 
  • Duty Drawback - In addition to standard U.S. Customs clearances, we can assist you with duty drawback. This is a U.S. Customs program that allows exporters to receive a refund of 99% of the import duties paid, based on product and procedure qualifications. 
  • Compliance Review - We ensure that your shipment is in compliance with laws and regulations. 
  • Global Logistics - We can assist you every step of the way in getting your goods from the point of origination to your final destination. 
  • Freight Forwarding - We enable companies to ship goods from the U.S. to another country. (Freight Forwarding is a VERY generic term. We provide freight forwarding now for our imports for both ocean and air imports. Freight Forwarding does not only apply to export.)