DTC Retail LLC

Crack the code of online retail.

You know your products. We know how to sell them online. Whether you're a large business and have been selling online for years, or looking to launch your first product, we can help.
We provide practical solutions for marketing on Amazon, eBay, Facebook, and other online platforms.

DTC Retail brings years of experience in manufacturing and retailing products through Amazon, HSN, QVC, Facebook, Branded Websites, and more.  Having grown brands from inception to category leaders at +$1 billion in sales and customers all around the globe, we understand the retail landscape and can help you succeed.

What We Do

Content & Merchandising
Optimize product detail pages on Amazon and other online channels to improve SEO and increase traffic and conversion.

Advertising & Promotional Planning
Plan and execute promotions, deals, and advertising campaigns to build brand awareness and drive sales.

Account Management
Manage day-to-day account operations and troubleshoot and resolve issues.

Demand Forecasting
Keep inventory costs down through logistical planning and demand forecasting.

Retail Strategy
Provide guidance and advise on strategies to improve sales and profit.

Customer Relations
Examine customer reviews and feedback and build processes to engage with customers and solve problems.

Partner With Us

We work with brands across a wide range of product categories, including: beauty, grocery, fitness, baby, clothing & accessories, automotive, jewelry, electronics, home, toys, and more.


Austin Texas, Austin, TX, 78738 USA

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