Complete Manufacturing and Distribution

Doing Business in Asia Can Be Tough. We’ve Got Your Back!

When you’re half a world away from operations in Asia, it is mission critical to partner with a team whose values align with your own.
Complete Manufacturing and Distribution (CMD) is trusted by clients to accelerate results. CMD experts help clients strategize, source, manage contract manufacturing, perform quality control, coordinate logistics, sell in Asia, and more. CMD serves clients worldwide from offices in Hong Kong, China, The United Kingdom, and USA.

Our Purpose

CMD engages with customers, suppliers, employees and our community at every opportunity to make it more convenient for clients to reach their full potential on their Asia initiatives.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the premier business accelerator. For customers, that means:
  • Product to market
  • Revenue, profitability, cash flow
  • Peace of mind


What Makes CMD Different?

Complete Manufacturing and Distribution is very different from other China sourcing agents. 

  • With others, you get a supplier name, an address, and a price.
  • With CMD, you’ll gain a partner to not only source it, but also make it, and fine tune it – with continuous quality improvements that impact your bottom line -  for decades to come.

A profitable China strategy requires detail-intensive work. Nothing must be left to chance. Your brand equity, reputation, and revenues depend on it.