CDC Small Business Finance

Trusted Small Business Loan Options Beyond a Bank

CDC Small Business Finance is a non-profit lender providing capital to small businesses so they can expand, grow and create jobs in California, Arizona and Nevada. For over 40 years, CDC has helped create over 209,000 jobs by leveraging more than $18 billion in loans to over 11,000 small businesses.

CDC Small Business Finance, a nonprofit with a passion for helping Main St. small businesses grow and create jobs. We offer a variety of low-interest financing that fit the needs of small businesses no matter where they are in the growth cycle. Start-ups to seasoned companies and every small business in between can benefit from our financing programs. Our experienced staff takes pride in making a difference with small business owners and is considered the best in the business. 

Since 1978 we’ve nurtured solid relationships with nearly every bank and commercial real estate brokerage throughout California, Arizona and Nevada, which we leverage for our small business clients. We hope you find the answers you’re looking for to grow your business. And if you want to talk with a CDC loan expert, we’d love to hear from you.

Our Mission

As a nonprofit and community lender, our No. 1 mission is to help those who face the greatest obstacles in securing capital including women, minority and veteran-owned businesses. To do that, we don’t fixate on just hard numbers, we consider your entire entrepreneurial story. We believe if you invest in an entrepreneur, you also invest in their community.