Netherlands and Belgium's Largest Online Retailer is the largest online retailer in the Netherlands and Belgium. We opened our shopping platform to retailers in order for our customers to be able to find ‘everything’ on


Benefits of

  • Reach approcimately 10 million customers in the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • An (extra) online store without start-up costs.
  • Only pay for what is sold.
  • A reliable partner that helps grow your business together.
  • Personal service with specialists ready to help you further.
  • Knowledge sharing from and the partners.
  • All income and expenses on one invoice with monthly payment.
  • pays you, even if the customer chooses to pay afterwards.


Our Services

We help our partners sell even more. We use our knowledge and experience with e-commerce to support you. offers you useful services to better tailor your offer to the needs of our customers. We help you with our various services and tools.

  • Logistics - Focus on the parts you are good at. You can sell more easily by outsourcing business. Do you want the shipping to run smoother? Or also sell in Belgium? Then outsource your fulfillment via Logisitek via We take care of the return processing and customer service.


  • AutomateWith Automation you can integrate your sales at into your own computer systems. This is possible, for example, with the help of the free Seller API from Make it easier for you to list products and make changes to your offer.


Can I Sell as a Partner?

We are always happy to welcome new partners, but of course there must be a click between you and That's why we have a few questions for you. If you can answer 'yes' to this, we would like to welcome you at!

  • Do your articles fit into one of the existing categories?
  • Do your articles have a GTIN (also known as EAN) or ISBN?
  • Can you deliver within 1-8 working days?
  • Are you registered with the Chamber of Commerce or the Belgian Trade Register and do you have a VAT number?
  • Can customers return your items within 30 days if they wish?
  • Can you answer customer questions within 24 hours, in Dutch?

To find out more information, visit our website.