Connecting Brands and Consumers Through Products

Our patented platform empowers creators to build dynamic digital experiences and channel them through physical items using technologies like NFC, QR and geofencing. Because physical things are made smarter, users can access valuable content with just a tap or scan of a phone.
Innovative brands are using Blue Bite to provide:
  • Better storytelling. Blue Bite empowers one-to-one communication between brand and consumers that avoid the noise of social media, email and other channels. Because these experiences are contextual (product-, location-, user-, behavior-specific), brands are finally able to easily provide personalized content at scale.


  • Brand protection. Product authentication powered by Blue Bite protects consumers and brand reputation. Consumers are assured products are authentic, regardless of whether the purchase is made at a retailer, online or on the secondhand market. Brands can identify gray market sales and avoid harm to their reputation from counterfeits.


  • Product Commerce (P-commerce). When consumers connect directly with brands, they can buy directly from brands. Enabling tap-to-buy in Blue Bite experiences turns products themselves into sales tools. Consumers can reorder or buy related products directly — regardless of whether the original product was sold directly by the brand — and enable peer-to-peer sales.


  • Real sustainably. Blue Bite allows brands to not only tell sustainability stories, but also to get consumers involved in sustainability and circularity initiatives. Because Blue Bite is specific to the product level, brands can detail the full product journey and then provide instructions on how the consumer can increase the lifecycle of the product by upcycling or entering it into the secondhand market. 

Who We Work With

Blue Bite works with the world’s most innovative brands, including adidas, BVLGARI, Samsung, Google and more.
We particularly focus on working with:
  • Luxury brands. Responding to a large and growing counterfeit market, luxury brands are protecting their brand reputations and assuring consumers that products are authentic. Blue Bite makes authentication easy, and also provides a platform to tell rich brand stories directly to consumers while monitoring gray market sales.


  • Lifestyle Apparel and Footwear brands. In addition to authentication, lifestyle and footwear brands look to Blue Bite to build direct sales and community. This ranges from p-commerce and peer-to-peer selling to exclusive event invites as brands extend digital connections into the physical world. 


  • CPG brands. Smart packaging connects CPG brands to consumers and builds brand loyalty by providing added value with recipes, related products and more. Product commerce empowers brands to sell D2C, while product data and usage analytics eliminate the need to buy secondhand data from retailers.


  • Wine and Spirits brands. Similarly to other CPG brands, wine and spirits brands have the advantage of opening a D2C sales channel. Additionally, high end brands also leverage authentication to assure consumers the product they will consume isn’t counterfeit and hasn’t been tampered with in any way.