Reach out to Millions of Customers Worldwide is one of the leading mass market eCommerce businesses, offering affordable products in the UAE and KSA with a mobile centric approach. The eCommerce site is home to reliable, quality products sold at the most competitive prices. AWOK sells from a wide ranging, versatile product selection including consumer electronics, health & beauty, household appliances, and jewellery; with new items added to the website daily.


AWOK sells its products in at least 120 countries through its cross border services and has its own fulfillment center and logistics. Offering approximately 70,000 products across 30 plus categories, the vision has always been to be the preferred eCommerce channel across all locations that the company operates in, where customers are assured of an affordable, effortless and seamless shopping experience.


Why Sell With AWOK

  • Start making sales right away - Awok will show your products to customers worldwide allowing you to reach to a bigger audience.
  • There are no fees unless you sell - Earn more with our low commission practices and large exposure with customers.
  • Effective mobile commerce - Hundreds of thousands of consumers are browsing and shopping for products on AWOK everyday. Sell your products directly to consumers today.
  • Reach relevant consumers - We will show your products to relevant consumers based on their demographics, purchase behavior, and wishlists alllowing you to reach your right target audience.


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