Alabama Department of Commerce

Effective Solutions for Your Company Needs

In Alabama, small business owners and budding entrepreneurs alike will find effective solutions for your company needs. The state’s Department of Commerce provides small businesses with the knowledge and resources to succeed, from financial assistance to updates on regulatory issues.


Small Business Resources

Alabama has a network of resource providers on the state, regional, and federal level. These organizations are equipped to provide the technical assistance, such as financing and networking opportunities, you need to nurture any small business. Consultation is a free service for all of these organizations. However, special training programs may have a fee associated with them. is a free online resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners in Alabama to discover available state and local resources as well as to learn business basics for starting or growing your business. works in partnership with the Alabama Small Business Commission (ASBC) to facilitate and promote small business development in Alabama.


Export Alabama Alliance

The Export Alabama Alliance (EAA) is a seamless network of international trade agencies with the fundamental objective to help Alabama companies grow their business internationally. Our experienced advisers provide just the help your Alabama company needs to be successful overseas.



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